Our team gives you additional information with these nanoindenation application notes on practical cases where our nanoindentation products can be used for measuring the stiffness of fibrotic tissues / fibroblasts.

Pavone: high-throughput mechanical characterization platform for fibrotic tissues

The mechanical properties of fibrotic tissues and fibroblasts play a crucial role in understanding the mechanobiology of fibrosis.

The high-throughput mechanical characterization platform PAVONE offers automated indentation mapping for studying fibrosis and mechanobiology to address these challenges.

Pavone’s automation capabilities enable researchers to obtain data on the spatial distribution of mechanical properties across the entire sample surface.  Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to researchers with varying levels of expertise, reducing the need for highly skilled operators and ensuring consistent and reliable mechanical characterization results.

Overall, Pavone provides an efficient and accessible tool for studying fibrosis and advancing research in this field, potentially leading to improved therapeutic interventions.