Our team gives you additional information with these nanoindenation application notes on practical cases where our nanoindentation products can be used for specific applications.

Pavone: high-throughput mechanical characterization platform for biomaterials in various well-plates.

One of the characteristics of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures (single cells, monolayers, spheroids, organoids, engineered tissues) is its mechanical properties that influence the morphology, biochemical signaling, and functioning of cells, and, therefore, should be similar to biological tissue. 

Typically, the mechanical characterization of biomaterials is time-consuming, and requires extensive sample preparation and expert skills. Furthermore, as many various sample configurations and conditions need to be tested, a high-speed indenter is necessary to perform hundreds of indentation measurements in a reliable and user-friendly manner. 

Therefore, we here present the high-throughput mechanical characterization platform PAVONE for automated indentation mapping of single cells, 3D  cell culture models, engineered tissues, hydrogels, and thin films in well-plates.