Piuma & Chiaro Probe - Stiffness 0.25 N/m - Tip Radius 25 μm

Probe used with the Piuma and/or Chiaro Nanoindenters




Piuma & Chiaro Probe – Stiffness 0.25 N/m – Tip Radius 25 μm
The Optics11 Life probes are pre-calibrated (contact-based method) and reusable force sensors compatible with the Optics11 Life Nanoindenters. The probes are cantilever-based with an optical-fiber interferometric readout and are produced at our headquarters in Amsterdam.

Dependent on the application, the spring constant of the probe can be chosen between 0.025 N/m and 250 N/m which can measure elastic modulus between 10Pa and 1GPa. The unique feature of our probes is the large cantilever bending (up to 20μm) which allows measuring stiffness values spanning 3 orders of magnitude without changing the probe.

Furthermore, spherical (colloidal) glass tips mounted onto the cantilever can be chosen from 3 µm to 250 µm in radius to perform single indentations or indentation mapping at various depths/loads and resolutions.


Please note that all probes are calibrated after manufacturing. Therefore, the calibrated stiffness and tip sizes may differ from the specified order values. Calibration specifications are: Stiffness = ± 5%, Tip radius = ± 1%.


0.25 N/m

Tip Size

25 μm

Compatible with

Chiaro Nanoindenter, Piuma Nanoindenter


Soft tissues, Hydrogels/scaffolds/biocomposites, Spheroids/organoids, Polymers