Illustration of two researchers discussing over a microscope and test tubes, with a large clipboard in the background, on a webinar banner titled "Next-Gen Contractility Monitoring of HiPSC derived Muscle Tissue Models with Cuore".

 Topics Covered:

  1. Revolutionizing 3D tissue culture with advanced optical fiber-based technology for precise muscle contractility measurements.
  2. Seamless integration of Cuore into standard lab workflows, enhancing drug response analysis with exceptional sensitivity.
  3. Accelerating therapy development for heart failure and neuromuscular diseases using Cuore’s innovative capabilities.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is ideal for biomedical professionals, researchers, students, and anyone interested in 3D tissue engineered skeletal muscles (3D-TSEMs), regenerative medicine, tissue development & characterization.

Duration: 45 min

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