Our unique technology helps our customers develop breakthrough medical treatments and gets these to patients faster

Our Mission

We apply our unique technology to help our customers develop breakthrough medical treatments and get them to our patients faster.

Our Vision

We strive to apply our technology to help create a world where medical treatments are accessible to everyone, affordable for everyone, and effective for anyone, for any condition, no matter how rare or challenging. A world where innovative medical treatments find their way faster to the patient, have fewer side effects, do not require animal testing, and improve the quality of life.

We strive to achieve this with a highly spirited team, a customer-centered focus, and cutting-edge technology that fits seamlessly into the workflow of our customers.

Optics11 Life Headquarters

History timeline

When the company was founded in 2011, we knew our unique technology needed to find its way into the right market. Our technology has the distinct ability to measure the mechanical properties of extremely soft materials in liquids, such as cells, tissues, and biomaterials. Endless benefits are recognized by unlocking the power of mechanobiology: uncovering how mechanics influence biology of cells and tissues, both healthy and diseased.

By partnering with experts in the fields of research and greater life science applications we have made great strides and advancements. Our solutions reflect the requirements and needs of our partners who work to generate new insights and uncover breakthrough medical treatments. With new understandings of human physiology and disease come revolutions in medicine and therapies. We believe that mechanobiology is a field that has this potential, enabling the improvement of in vitro models and their read-outs, the improvement of biomaterials and their application in drug delivery, wound healing and regenerative medicine, and the development of breakthrough mechanotherapies.


We apply our unique technology to help our customers develop breakthrough medical treatments, and to get these to patients faster.


The first step is to build a first prototype of a product that would demonstrate the added value of our unique fiber-sensing technology, allowing potential users to start working with it.

Having the technology in the hands of users at this early stage turns out to be very important and proves immensely valuable for the further development of our optical fiber-sensing systems.


Working together with key collaborators and users, who ultimately turned into our customers, we develop multiple product lines in different application fields across life sciences and industrial branches. We quickly understand that our solutions can solve problems which other technologies are not able to resolve.


Growing steadily with an expanding product portfolio and revenue, the Optics11 has grown to a team of 18 young and enthusiastic employees across many disciplines, led by CEO Niek Rijnveld and CTO Grzegorz Gruca. The founders remain involved on a strategic level.

April 2016

Value Creation Capital invests in Optics11 through its TechNanoFund. The experienced entrepreneurs support the further growth and development of Optics11 by playing an active role in the Advisory Board, together with the founders.


Optics11 is partnering with Red Box Direct to open our US office in Boston, to better serve our US customers.


As our Life Science and Industrial Sensing product lines become more distinct for their respective industries, we launch Optics11 Life to further develop our support to our life science division.

Our Pavone is launched. A result of close collaboration and market-need, the Pavone enables the non-destructive analysis of structural and functional properties of cells and other biomaterials in near-physiological conditions, over time. A unique product that serves to advance both the fundamental and applied research branches.


Optics11 Life receives €5 million in new venture capital from FORWARD.one and returning investor Value Creation Capital. The funding will support the rollout of new products applying Optics11 Life’s novel technology for experiments at scale requiring high-throughput screening of in vitro models and biomaterials.


The Cuore is launched. A scalable and efficient solution, this 3D contraction force platform provides an accurate functional readout for engineered muscle bundles. The Cuore has hit the ground running and revolutionizes 3D tissue culture for therapy development in heart failure & neuromuscular diseases.

Optics11 Life timeline throughout the years


Whether your focus lies on mechanical measurements and characterization at the cell scale, or you work with muscle tissues, our platforms offer you precise, fast, and accurate outcomes. Discover more about how our products can help you accelerate and achieve your research goals. 


We are a growing team of 60+ passionate people, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Learn more about our journey so far, meet our team of professionals, and our career opportunities. 


From initial interest to full-scale implementation, and throughout the entire lifecycle of our instruments, we offer our customers a dedicated and customized experience. We focus on optimizing the functionality and operation of our instruments, to ensure peak efficiency, enhancing their research productivity.



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