Quantify mechanics in biology with the Optics11 Life nanoindentation products

Optics11 Life introduces the Cuore, a groundbreaking 3D contraction force platform. This state-of-the-art device is designed for precise functional readouts of engineered muscle bundles. Revolutionizing 3D tissue culture, Cuore is pivotal for therapy development in heart failure & neuromuscular diseases. With its patented fiber-optic sensing technology, it offers unparalleled accuracy in measuring contractile forces in skeletal muscle-on-a-chip. Whether you’re into mechanical phenotyping, drug development, or tissue engineering, Cuore delivers both static and dynamic indentation measurements with ease and precision.

Meet Our Nanoindenters

Optics11 Life offers powerful table-top nanoindenters that are remarkably user-friendly, versatile, and robust. The nanoindentation instruments can measure complex, irregular biomaterials such as single cells, tissues, hydrogels, and coatings and provide various mechanical parameters relevant for mechanical phenotyping, drug development, and tissue engineering. These nanoindentation products can perform static and dynamic indentation measurements. 

Want to know more about Nanoindentation?

Visit the wikipedia page about nanoindentation and learn all there is to know about this unique new way of research developed in the mid-1970s to measure the hardness of small volumes of material.

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