From initial interest to full-scale implementation, and throughout the entire lifecycle of our instruments, we offer our customers a dedicated and customized experience. We focus on optimizing the functionality and operation of our instruments, to ensure peak efficiency, enhancing your research productivity.

Our team of application specialists and specialized engineers stands ready. We are not only prepared to address technical challenges, application opportunities, and scientific curiosities, but also to collaboratively envision the future. Our aim is to help create a lasting impact on translational research outcomes and, ultimately, on therapy development.

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Whether you are an existing customer or interested in learning more about our solutions, we are here to support you in your journey. Discover how we can serve your research needs below.

Consumables & spare parts

Optics11 Life provides you with original parts and consumables to ensure optimal and precise functionality of your equipment. To ensure swift support in providing you with the parts and solutions needed to keep your experiments going, we have all consumables, probes, and spare parts easily accessible for ordering in our online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platforms can be applied to a wide range of samples, application areas, disease areas and testing needs. Find out more about the wide range of applicable areas on our solutions page

Feel free to contact us to discuss your research and application areas and which platform would best serve your research needs and goals. We can arrange a demonstration to test the best instrument for your application.

The innovative fiber-optical nanoindentation probes which are pre-calibrated, reusable, and robust make the Optics11 Life instruments unlike anything readily available on the market. We use optical glass fibers to guide infrared laser-light through a cavity onto a cantilever. One part of the incoming wave is directly reflecting into the fiber, whereas a second wave reflects from the cantilever and then propagates back into the fiber. Those two waves, same in wavelength, are shifted in phase when being superimposed. As the cantilever bends due to external stress, the phase changes 1:1 in relation to the cantilever bending.

Our solutions bridge the gap from nano-mechanics to macro-mechanics, measuring at the local level whilst being incredibly easy to use.

It all starts during the sales process, where the Sales Engineer will provide you with the design requirements of the lab space and support you in the decision making to ensure optimal functionality and operation after installation of the Optics 11 Life equipment. The main goal of the lab space design is to improve the environmental setup by minimizing environmental noise and creating the optimal signal quality (e.g., vibration and/or airflow). 

Upon completion of the lab space design, a final check of the lab space will take place in a remote call approximately 3 weeks prior to installation. Leading up to the installation and training, users will gain access to our online training course. To get the most out of the on-site training sessions, we strongly recommend that the users scheduled for training complete the online training course prior to installation. 

Installation and quality verification of the instrument will be done by one of our Optics11 Life Application Engineers. This is followed by on-site training, where we focus on teaching two key users to confidently work with their chosen Optics11 Life instrument. The training is divided into multiple sessions, or modules, to encompass different skills necessary for operation. These modules contain information about the general working principle of the device, essential steps before the measurements, such as calibration of the probes, and configuration of experiments. Finally, we will support key user(s) as they perform their first indentation on a generic sample. The training sessions are designed to give the main user(s) all the knowledge needed to perform experiments and measurements independently. Therefore, it is essential to be present during the whole training and actively participate during these sessions.

After successful installation and completion of the training, the user(s) will receive a certificate of acceptance. We strongly advise key users to allocate time after the training to work with their new equipment to apply the knowledge gained during the training. However, the learning does not stop there. Three remote onboarding sessions are scheduled, where each onboarding session will take approximately one hour. The goal of this onboarding support program is to consult the user mainly with application-related advice, during the initial year of using the system. The user is advised to follow up with the first onboarding session within three months of the installation and training, to ensure an optimal user experience.

In principle, the responsibility for training new users lies with the key user(s) of the equipment. If you require additional specialist training, we can assist by providing dedicated on-site or remote training. The training will be provided by one of our experienced Application Specialists. We recommend on-site training to ensure an optimal start to your Optics11 Life Nanoindenter experience. If we are familiar with your specific application, we can tailor the training to your research needs. 

Additionally, we support new users with our online courses. The online course is a good starting point for a new user as it provides the foundation necessary for general operation of the equipment. Please reach out to our team to learn more about the various options here. 

The standard manufacturer warranty period on our instruments is 12 months. 

We have additional service packages available to support the optimal functioning and uptime of your instrument and research projects relying on your instrument. You may find more information about our service package options here

We supply customers worldwide, either directly or via our distributor network. Optics11 Life is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have a local sales and support branch in Boston, USA for our customer base in the Americas. For the regions China and the Republic of Korea, Optics11 Life collaborates with highly trained and specialized local distributors.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support you in unlocking the power of mechanobiology. 

Service Packages

The service package aims to provide premium support for your system without worrying about any delay in your daily work. It includes:

An enhanced warranty is an extension of your manufacturer’s warranty. It covers all malfunctions and damage in the system. Whether these damages are due to manufacturer error (hardware/software) or are caused by the user (e.g., water damage, accidental damage). 

All repair costs will be covered by Optics11 Life. Additionally, we provide you with all the details about the shipment and delivery, so you do not have to worry about it. You only need to make sure that the system is ready for pickup. If you need any help preparing the pickup, we are happy to support you.

We will provide you with a free-of-charge swap system that you can use during the time of the repair. This will result in maximum uptime to support your research.

*Loan system logistics will be discussed during repair handling by our support team.

Software updates for the whole year. Software updates include bug fixes, safety fixes, and functionality improvements.

Remote training by our specialists is to be given to onboard new users or as a refresher course to ensure your current users will always retrieve the best possible results from your instrument.

You will be part of the priority support list. You will receive the quickest and best support by mail or remote calls within the first hours after your inquiry.

Training & education

It is our goal to support all users in achieving their research objectives to the best of our abilities. Therefore, our highly skilled team of Application Specialists provide specialist training upon installation of the instrument. The training is focused on equipping the trainee with the skills and confidence to operate their device independently. Completing our introductory online course prior to the on-site training will ensure the training is highly efficient and valuable, ensuring the best start to your Optics11 Life instrumentation journey. 

In the first few months after installation and training, we provide three onboarding sessions for tailored assistance on your application and research goals. For new team members that have not yet received training, or existing users that are interested in advanced training, we can provide tailored on-site or remote training sessions. These tailored sessions will be provided by one of our highly skilled Application Specialists and will help improve your overall user experience and ensure you realize your research objectives. 

Additionally, we provide online training courses as the first step to onboard new users. These online courses are available to our existing customers on demand as a knowledge base, or to new customers and users as a starting point. 

For existing customers, please contact us if you have any questions or wish to book additional training for new users. 

We are always looking for the best ways to share scientific knowledge and applicable industry updates. Thus, we regularly organize webinars and share updates in our newsletters. Sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest insights, events, news, and more.  

Industry collaboration

Are you interested in co-developing an application with our technology? We are open to industry collaboration proposals. Contact us with your proposed collaboration. We will assess proposals based on potential impact, strategic synergy with our company roadmap, and business viability.

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Whether your focus lies on mechanical measurements and characterization at the cell scale, or you work with muscle tissues, our platforms offer you precise, fast, and accurate outcomes. Discover more about how our products can help you accelerate and achieve your research goals. 


We are a growing team of 60+ passionate people, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Learn more about our journey so far, meet our team of professionals, and our career opportunities. 


From initial interest to full-scale implementation, and throughout the entire lifecycle of our instruments, we offer our customers a dedicated and customized experience. We focus on optimizing the functionality and operation of our instruments, to ensure peak efficiency, enhancing their research productivity.



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