Next generation 3D in vitro modeling for engineered muscle bundles

Our mission is to help bring more effective, safer, and more accessible therapies for neuromuscular- and metabolic diseases, and diseases causing heart failure. With a global combined disease prevalence of over 1 billion patients, the need for preclinical testing platforms that are efficient and provide physiologically relevant outcomes is critical. The limitations of traditional tissue evaluation methods and 2D in vitro models lead to inefficiencies in therapy development pathways, making them both costly and time consuming. Where time is a precious thing for those suffering from these diseases, new innovations to support and advance ongoing and continuous research and development activities are needed. 

Introducing Cuore: the next generation 3D contraction force platform, providing a precise functional readout for engineered muscle bundles for both skeletal and cardiac muscle tissue​. Cuore revolutionizes 3D tissue culture for therapy development in heart failure, neuromuscular, and metabolic diseases as it allows the production and analysis of advanced in vitro systems to model biology, disease, and drug response of contractile tissues. It is a pillar-based system for real-time recording and continuous stimulation of contractile activity of engineered tissues. Designed to comply with a 24-well plate format, it integrates fiber optical sensing and Electrical Pulse Stimulation (EPS). Cuore is a modular platform in which you can culture, monitor, stimulate and analyze engineered muscle bundles. 

Elevate Your Research: Discover the power of Cuore!

Experience precision and innovation in our next generation 3D in vitro modeling platform for engineered muscle bundles. Stay ahead in your research. Schedule a meeting with our experts and redefine your research boundaries.


The unique combination of features in Cuore unlocks the potential for creating more promising human disease models, making it suitable for studying cell- or genetic therapies, as well as short- and long-term drug treatments related to neuromuscular disorders, metabolic diseases, and heart failure. The system’s capacity for the functional characterization of healthy and diseased cell lines, derived from iPSCs or primary cells, holds high relevance and importance.

This process is essential for understanding cellular behaviors in 3D, which is a critical step in developing more promising human disease models for advanced research and therapeutic applications.

Neuromuscular diseases (NMDs) encompass a wide range of disorders affecting neuromuscular tissues, including skeletal muscles….

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Key features

Cuore is a pillar-based system for standard 24-well plates that use integrated fiber optical sensing and EPS for continuous stimulation and real-time recording of contractile activity of engineered muscle tissues. The technology uses light interferometry and optical fibers for unprecedented sensitivity, being capable of measuring contractions with a micron Newton resolution. The multiplexing nature of optical fibers allows for simultaneous multichannel recording.

A fully integrated culture device that includes next to force-sensing, an electrode board for stimulation of 3D muscle bundles and a closing see-through lid to provide an enclosed and sterile environment that can be fully operated both inside and outside the incubator.

Innovative design allows compatibility with:

  • Incubators to guarantee the same measurement conditions. 
  • Standard lab-workflows that have been validated on multiple muscle tissue engineering protocols.
  • iPSC or Primary cell lines.
  • qPCR and staining.
  • Inverted brightfield microscopy and calcium-imaging. 

“One of the advantages of optical fiber technology is multi-channeling: a light source can split and propagate its signal through multiple reflective paths, represented by the fiber optics in Cuore sensing component.”

Our platform’s utilization of optical interference for muscle bundle contraction measurement sets it apart. This innovative approach provides exceptional acquisition speed and sensitivity, surpassing conventional methods such as video-based or magnetic impedance technologies. This unique feature grants users’ access to unique insights into contraction characteristics. Additionally, the platform’s high sensitivity reduces the required number of cells and expands the range of pillar stiffness, enabling emulation of a broader spectrum of in vivo conditions. Unlike conventional methods that demand significant motion to detect contraction changes. The nature of Cuore-technology forms the foundation to scale up higher formats soon.

The technology employed in Cuore allows for reproducible and multichannel force measurements down to a micron Newtons resolution while maintaining sterility and permitting continuous non-invasive recording within and outside standard tissue culture incubators.

  • Fiber-based laser interferometric force readout 
    • High precision and low noise floor, no filtering necessary 
  • Pillar stiffness reliability >95% 
    • Reproducible force recording 

Our system seamlessly integrates electrical stimulation and optical force read-out into a singular functional unit, the Smart Lid. Its cohesive modular design uniquely employs reusable components, yielding substantial cost savings. Aside from financial benefits, the plug-and-play nature of the system promotes scalability through functional unit additions – it allows you to scale up throughput by stimulating up to 4 Smart Lids or 96 tissues at the same time. Transitioning between the units is effortlessly achieved due to factory calibration and saved configured settings of each Smart Lid.

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Revolutionizing Muscle Research: Measure the Contraction Kinetics of 3D-Engineered Muscle with Cuore

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Next-Gen Contractility Monitoring of HiPSC derived Muscle Tissue Models with Cuore

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Elevate Your Research: Discover the power of Cuore!

Experience precision and innovation in our next generation 3D in vitro modeling platform for engineered muscle bundles. Stay ahead in your research. Schedule a meeting with our experts and redefine your research boundaries.

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