The 3D contraction force platform, providing a precise functional readout for engineered muscle bundles​. ​ ​ ​


Muscle Force Assay

The Cuore revolutionizes 3D tissue culture for therapy development in heart failure & neuromuscular diseases. It is a scalable and efficient solution for growing human muscle bundles between two pillars over extended periods of time. 

cuore 3d muscle contractility force platform

Innovative Smart Lid design allows compatibility with:

Incubators to guarantee the same measurement conditions.

Standard lab-workflows (validated on multiple EMT/EHT protocols).

iPSC or Primary cell lines.

qPCR & staining.

Brightfield microscopy & Calcium-imaging.

High-precision measurement

Patented, cutting-edge fiber-optic sensing technology.

Time Saving

Direct & automated continuous contractility monitoring with integrated electrical stimulation.

Load and Run experiment

Automated execution of pre-designed and customizable measurement protocols to run independently.

Automated large data analysis

Instantaneous results & easy extraction of key parameters through intuitive CUOREviewer analysis software.

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