3D in vitro models in drug development for neuromuscular disorders

Increase clinical success and prevent costly delays

Traditional 2D cell culture systems fail to accurately replicate in vivo conditions, while animal models suffer from species-specific differences and low throughput. These limitations contribute to a high failure rate (90%) of drug candidates in clinical trials*. 

Innovative 3D cell culture models, such as tissue-engineered skeletal muscle (TESM), provide a more physiologically relevant environment for studying disease progression and drug target discovery. These models can significantly optimize drug safety and efficacy evaluation at the earliest stages of neuromuscular disorder (NMD) drug development.  

* Mullard, Asher. “Parsing clinical success rates.” Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 15.7 (2016): 447-448.

Cuore is a 3D contraction force platform that revolutionizes 3D tissue culture for therapy development in heart failure and neuromuscular diseases.

Enhance and accelerate therapy development for neuromuscular disorders

Our innovative technology, Cuore, offers an integrated solution to study human muscle function in vitro, by using iPSC or primary-derived human cell lines. It automatically measures contractile forces continuously generated by engineered muscle bundles in a physiological environment spontaneously or upon on-board electrical stimulation. Develop more robust 3D in vitro assays that facilitate the development of cell- and gene-based therapies and advancements of short- and long-term drug treatments for NMDs in preclinical settings 

  • Generate substantial efficacy & safety data for robust lead selection: Automated in-incubator monitoring of skeletal muscle contractility allows to model NMDs effectively, hence providing a reliant functional human 3D in vitro assay. 
  • Increase preclinical model significance for better therapy- & disease prediction: Integrated electrical muscle stimulation training promotes muscle tissue maturation and allows to model muscle training influence on NMD treatment. 
  • Promote clinical success by modelling genetic diversity: Use iPSC technology or primary-derived stem cells to engineer low-volume TESMs with adequate human complexity.  

Why Optics11 Life?

At Optics11 Life, we strive to apply our unique technology to help our customers develop breakthrough medical treatments and get them to patients faster. Our patented fiber optic sensing technology enables precise, quantifiable, and reliable measurements.                                                                                                                         

Through active collaboration with experts, we are able to translate needs for solutions that address ever-evolving research challenges, into practical, easy-to-use, and scalable laboratory instrumentation. This has resulted in the development of Cuore, the platform for taking muscle contractility research to the next level.

With a highly skilled and specialized global distribution and customer support network, we can effectively support and facilitate our customers in achieving their research objectives.                                                                                                

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Revolutionizing Muscle Research: Measure the Contraction Kinetics of 3D-Engineered Muscle with Cuore

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Next-Gen Contractility Monitoring of HiPSC derived Muscle Tissue Models with Cuore

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