Revolutionizing Muscle Research: Measure the Contraction Kinetics of 3D-Engineered Muscle with Cuore

Discover the Cuore’s automated precision in measuring 3D-engineered muscle forces, crucial for disease modeling and drug screening. Cuore’s functional readouts enable groundbreaking advances in contractility assay, therapy development and biomedical science. A pivotal resource for cutting-edge neuromuscular and cardiac research!

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction of Cuore: Optics11 Life’s automated platform for measuring contraction kinetics in 3D-engineered muscle tissues.
  • Enhanced Research Capability: Enables precise, automated analysis of muscle physiology for both skeletal and cardiac muscle models.
  • Application in Disease and Drug Screening: Ideal for in vitro disease modeling and drug response analysis, providing vital physiological insights.
  • Innovative Features: Continuous and real-time measurement capabilities within a cell incubator environment.
  • Research and Development: Serves as a critical tool in the development of new therapies and drug testing, demonstrating variability and response in human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived muscle tissues.

This application note is particularly beneficial for researchers and clinicians specializing in neuromuscular and cardiac tissue disorders. By leveraging Cuore’s advanced capabilities, they can gain deeper insights into tissue contractility and electrophysiological dynamics, enhancing the understanding and treatment of related pathologies. This makes it an essential tool for those dedicated to advancing therapeutic strategies and improving patient outcomes in these complex fields.

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