Discover the Latest Innovations in Vascular Research with the Pavone

At Optics11 Life, we’re excited to present a new case study featuring groundbreaking research from PhD candidate Pepijn Saraber and Dr. ir. Koen Reesink, Associate Professor at the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM) and Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+). Their project, CELLSYSTEMICS, delves into the intricate regulatory mechanisms governing vascular tissue integrity during disease development.

This multidisciplinary public-private partnership brings together academic and industry expertise, with Optics11 Life contributing our high-resolution indentation and stretch-based measurement technology using the Pavone platform. Our advanced environmental control module ensures precision and reliability for long-term experiments, allowing researchers to maintain consistent conditions throughout their studies.

“We are creating a technology platform to advance mechanical characterization and stimulation aspects of mechanobiology; the real partnership with Optics11 Life is key because managing product IP, prototyping, expert support, quality control, and so on, is beyond the academic primary process…”

~ Dr. Koen Reesink

By maintaining tight control of environmental variables, the Pavone system supports comprehensive and lengthy tests crucial for answering complex research questions. This collaboration aims to predict vascular disease pathology through cellular system dynamics, potentially revolutionizing patient care.

Curious to learn more? Download this detailed case study and the environmental module techical note to discover how Pavone is transforming vascular research.

Acknowledgments: This work is supported by Health-Holland, Top-Sector Life Sciences, and Health, and by ZonMW, grant LSHM21078-SGF “CELLSYSTEMICS.” Partners include CARIM, MUMC+, TU/e, Optics11 Life,, HCM Medical, BioSPX, STEMCELL Technologies, and the Contactgroup Marfan Netherlands

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