Next Generation Piuma & Chiaro Nanoindenters

Introducing the next generation of Piuma & Chiaro Nanoindeters!



What to expect of this next generation Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters?

Hardware update

Closed-loop XYZ stages with real-time sensing of tip position.

Advantages of this are:

  • 80 nm resolution
  • Robust repeatable measurement
  • Increased find surface speed – up to 10 times faster!
  • Silent movement
  • High precision mechanical mapping 
  • Minimized pre-stress on the sample

Long stroke Piezo

With 100 µm range for deeper indentation measurements allowing sub surface characterization.

Software update

  • Save and costimize experimental configurations to fully automate measurements
  • Optimized adhesion mode allows to measure ”sticky” samples
  • Live Calibration of interferometric signal during measurement

Furtmermore, the first Piuma Nanoindenter of this next generation is already installed at The i3S Consortium in Porto.

Great work Optics11 Life team!