Value mechanics in biology

The value of mechanics in biology

The fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine have expanded rapidly over the past decade, paving the road for an all-round revolution of medical treatment. Mechanical properties of cells and tissues have been found to play a key role in many aspects of physiology and disease. However, research is just scratching the surface of mechanical phenotyping, and starts to realize the value of mechanics in biology. This is why, at Optics11 Life we develop powerful technologies to help accelerate discoveries in this field and many others.

What is the value of the Optics11 Life instruments?

Furthermore, the Optics11Life instruments provide a better understanding of cell mechanics and its relation to cell state and function, and allow the identification of new, significant measurement parameters that can play a major role in drug development, mechanobiology and tissue regeneration. Measuring complex and soft biological samples in hydrated conditions involves many challenges, but our optical fiber-based measurement technologies and instruments provide an easy and robust way to gather powerful and significant data.

What are the applications?

Additionally, Optics11 Life instruments can measure complex, irregular materials in physiological conditions, analyzing various mechanical properties at once. These include elasticity (Young’s Modulus), visco-elasticity (Storage and Loss Moduli)  and micro-DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) properties. Our revolutionary tools enable new research in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, where mechanical measurements are key for healthy cell differentiation and maturation. Applications include:

Understanding the cell

  • Quantitative analysis of the mechanical properties of extra-cellular matrix and the impact on cellular function
  • Characterization and mapping of hydrogels and other scaffolding materials
  • Mechanobiology, comparing mechanical measurements with biological signaling
  • Studies on the mechano-transduction pathways of various cell types


  • Pathology of soft tissues – such as brain, liver, and eye conditions
  • Pathology at single cell level
  • The study of cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases

Engineering the cell

  • Quality control of 3D bioprinting or microtissue casting
  • Analysis and advancement of engineered dermis, cartilage, cornea and other tissues
  • Comparison of engineered tissue with native tissues
  • Quantitative measurement of function and state of organoids and microtissues
  • Stem cell development and differentiation in environments with specific mechanical properties

What is the core technology?

The technology of Optics11 Life tools is based on two key elements: pre-calibratedreusable fiberoptic sensors and state-of-the-art mechatronics. This combination allows the company to develop cutting-edge, unique measurement systems which are applied successfully in the field of life science.

What does Optics11 Life offer?

Last, Optics11 Life offers powerful table-top instruments that are remarkably user friendlytimeefficient and robust. In addition, Optics11 Life is specialized in integrating all essential aspects for the analysis of complex bio-samples. Check out our newest innovation: the Pavone which combines optical imaging, micro-mechanical analysis and incubation!

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