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Chiaro embodies incredible versatility and flexibility, elevating research by merging mechanical characterization with high-resolution imaging. Seamlessly compatible with most inverted microscopes, it integrates into your existing advanced imaging setups, aligning precisely with your experimental requirements. This compatibility ensures that mechanical assessment goes hand in hand with optical excellence, providing a multifaceted view of living matter. Optimized specifically for the mechanical characterization of living tissues and cells, Chiaro transcends the traditional limitations of nanoindentation. Its sophisticated design is both compact and potent, ensuring that even labs with limited space can benefit from its capabilities without sacrificing performance.

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Discover the versatility and flexibility of Chiaro, a powerful and compact instrument designed to explore the micro-mechanical properties of a wide range of (soft) biological materials and biomaterials.


Chiaro brings unparalleled versatility to research labs, enabling detailed mechanical characterization paired with high-resolution imaging through its compatibility with most inverted microscopes. It adeptly supports a wide range of research applications, from cell biology to material science, and is particularly optimized for living tissues and cells. Its compact design integrates smoothly with
existing microscope setups, enhancing both disease research and various testing needs. It opens up possibilities for sophisticated experimentation without compromising on quality or performance, ensuring that every aspect of mechanical assessment is captured with outstanding clarity and detail.

By sample

Spheroids & organoids


Extracellular matrix

Single cell and 2D cultures

Ex vivo tissues

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Wound healing

In vitro culturing

Eye care and medical devices

Tissue regeneration

Cartilage regeneration

Skin regeneration

Cultured meat

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Neuromuscular disorders

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Degradability testing

Mechanobiology research

Key features

Chiaro is a microscope-compatible system for mechanically characterizing soft materials, from single cells to complex 3D cellular systems, including organoids and spheroids. It non-destructively characterizes soft materials at a cell-length scale. Besides, this system can be integrated with various imaging equipment, such as bright-field, phase contrast, fluorescence, and confocal microscopes.

Spatial Resolution Excellence

Our system is equipped with closed-loop XY stages, offering sub-micrometer positioning accuracy across 12 mm in each direction. This capability enables quick and precise measurements with incredible ease. Complementing this, the Z stage boasts a 12 mm travel range and a fine 80 nm encoder resolution. Paired with our diverse range of probes, it allows for adjustable contact radius between 500 nm and 50 µm. This adaptability is key for accurately conforming to samples with highly irregular surfaces, ensuring detailed and reliable measurements across a variety of sample types.

Micro-Rheology Capabilities

Our advanced system incorporates a feedback loop that facilitates high-precision measurements in quasi-static, stress relaxation/creep, and dynamic* indentation scenarios. These capabilities ensure exceptional accuracy in both force sensing and indentation-depth control. This precision is crucial for accurately assessing complex mechanical properties like nonlinearity, adhesion, viscoelasticity, and poroelasticity, providing detailed insights into material behaviors.

*Optional feature

Every probe is assembled and pre-calibrated at Optics11 life headquarters, using state of the art metrology equipment. Curious about how we do it? You can check our peer-reviewed method here.

Once you start an experiment, the software guides you through its preparation, to ensure reliable results for every experiment. Save your experimental steps as protocols, allowing you to reproduce or share your methods whilst minimizing human errors.

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“The Chiaro has been an excellent tool for my work investigating the mechanics of embryonic development. We have used it successfully for embryo and hydrogel measurements. As a biologist by training, I’ve found the Chiaro to be user-friendly, and quick and simple to perform the measurements we need in our work.”

Adam Shellard PhD.

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, University College London

“Our data is good, but the machine is excellent!”

Dr. Werner E. G. Müller

Univ.-Prof., Institut für Physiologische Chemie, Universitat Mainz, Germany.

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Piuma and Chiaro

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Discover what Chiaro can mean for your research!

Discover the versatility and flexibility of Chiaro, a powerful and compact instrument designed to explore the micro-mechanical properties of a wide range of (soft) biological materials and biomaterials.

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