Mechanobiology of Organoids

Organoids are a significant tool for studying tumor progression and disease modeling due to their ability to emulate the architecture and functionality of real organs at a miniature scale. These lab-grown cellular structures offer a realistic platform to model tumor behavior in specific organs like the liver, lungs, or heart.

Measuring organoid stiffness

In response to the demand for accurate organoid modeling, our nanoindenters present an innovative solution. They equip researchers with the capability to quantify the mechanical properties of organoids, yielding crucial data that may act as mechanical biomarkers for disease states. This marks a significant leap forward, given that conventional approaches for organoid assessment often depend on invasive techniques or indirect estimations.

We offer application notes detailing real-world instances where our nanoindenters have been employed in organoid-based tumor research. Importantly, these notes underline how our tools can precisely measure the rigidity of organoid structures and cells. This data is vital because heightened organoid stiffness often signifies advanced disease progression, akin to increased matrix stiffness in actual tumors. Moreover, the applications of our nanoindenters are not restricted to cancer research. They are also applicable in diverse sectors like materials science and engineering, where the knowledge of material mechanical properties is critical.

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