Publications with Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters

Mechanical properties of spheroids and other biomaterials were measured with Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters, and featured in 39 new publications in various scientific journals:  Biofabrication (IF 8.2), Biomaterials (IF 10.3), Mechanics of Materials (IF 1.1), Materials Science and Engineering: C (IF 5.9), Nature Communications (IF 12.1), Experimental Mechanics (IF 2.5), Regenerative Biomaterials, Biomacromolecules (5.7), Acta Biomaterialia …

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Nanoindentation on Gummy Bears

When science and humor find each other, the results are truly amazing. Watch our Piuma Nanoindenter dissect these sugary little fellows. Let us know if you can guess a gummy bear’s stiffness? Interested in learning more about our products? You will find all the information you need on our Product page. Visit Product Page

Nanoindentation Publications Q1

Nanoindentation Publications Q1 We designed the Chiaro & Piuma Nanoindenters to enable researchers to measure a broad range of different samples! And they did! Already 24 scientific journal articles are published this year!    Here is the list of mechanically characterized samples included in these nanoindentation publications:   Cells and Tissues: Alteration in stiffness of corneal epithelium, basement membrane and stroma with age and obesity Cell nucleus – the mechanical role of lamins and chromatin CyPhyGels and  …

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Upcoming events

Come meet us and bring your sample for testing! This year, come find us at the following conferences to discover our indentation instruments:  10 – 12 February 2020: EMBL – IBEC – Winter Conference in Barcelona, Spain 11 – 13 March 2020: Workshop Phys2Biomed in Bremen, Germany 24 – 27 March 2020: Nanoengineering for Mechanobiology in Genova, …

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New publications using Piuma and Chiaro nanoindenters

THE LIST OF NANOINDENTER APPLICATIONS KEEPS GROWING! At the end of 2019, seven new scientific papers featuring the measurements with Piuma or Chiaro nanoindenters were published in various well known scientific journals: Stem Cell Reports, Biomaterials, Mechanical Behavior of the Biomedical Materials, The Royal Society of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering C. The applications include measurements of stiffness …

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Chiaro indenter combined with microscopy

We are very excited to share the news about the last three Chiaro indenter shipments that reached London, Marseille, and Barcelona! The group of Dr. Thomas Iskratsch at Queen Mary University has acquired the Chiaro indenter combined with fluorescence microscope to complement force sensing techniques used in their lab such as micro and nano-patterning, FRET, magnetic tweezers and super-resolution microscopy to study mechanobiology (e.g. …

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Next Generation Piuma & Chiaro Nanoindenters

Introducing the next generation of Piuma & Chiaro Nanoindeters! REAL-TIME, ROBUST AND IMPROVED RANGE   What to expect of this next generation Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters? Hardware update Closed-loop XYZ stages with real-time sensing of tip position. Advantages of this are: 80 nm resolution Robust repeatable measurement Increased find surface speed – up to 10 times faster! Silent movement High precision mechanical mapping  Minimized pre-stress …

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New Publications in October

Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters In October, Optics11 Life has been cited in five different high impact publications on diverse fields involving nuclear abnormalities, ortho, skin, drug delivery matrices and biomaterials. The Optics11 Life Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters were used to measure: Stiffness of the cytoplasm and nuclei for understanding nuclear mechanostability Stiffness of hydrogels for …

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Value mechanics in biology

Value mechanics in biology

What is Optics11 Life?
The fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine have expanded rapidly over the past decade, paving the road for an all-round revolution of medical treatment. Mechanical properties of cells and tissues have been found to play a key role in many aspects of physiology and disease. However, research is just scratching the surface of mechanical phenotyping, and Optics11 Life has developed powerful technologies to help accelerate discoveries in this field.