Exploring the Role of Mechanical Forces and the Potential of Nanoindentation for Monitoring and Accelerating the Healing Process

Wounds arise from various causes, including surgery, injury, extrinsic factors (e.g., pressure, burns, and cuts), or illnesses like diabetes and vascular diseases 1. Mechanical forces play an essential role in wound healing. The wound site’s mechanical environment affects cell activity and the quality of wound healing 2. Defects involving healing tissue result in fibrotic scars featuring increased stiffness and altered collagen content and organization 3.

Tissue engineering technologies have produced advanced biomaterials, such as human skin substitutes and organoids, that recreate cell-cell interactions, providing insights into tissue morphology, function, drug response, and wound healing. The breakthrough in tissue engineering holds the potential for understanding wound healing control mechanisms through intricate mechanobiological interactions 4.

However, the healing process is dynamic and requires constant, systematic, and consistent monitoring of the wound’s extent, type, and severity 5. To bridge the gap in wound healing, we present the Pavone Nanoindenter as a powerful method of mechanical characterization of cells, tissues, spheroids, organoids, and other biomaterials. This innovative approach helps scientists monitor the healing process, enhance tissue regeneration, restore tissue function, and accelerate the healing process, preventing chronic wounds.

Check our application note on wound healing on this LINK.



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